HVAC System Cleaning

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) System cleaning by a qualified contractor like PART provides benefits for building occupants, property managers and owners. HVAC System Cleaning (also called Mechanical Hygiene Cleaning) reduces odors, dust and contaminants from indoor air and provides improved air to the building occupants, resulting in enhanced workplace productivity. Cleaning your HVAC system improves the performance, energy efficiency and life of the equipment and minimizes costly breakdowns. Regularly scheduled HVAC System Cleaning can also increase the property value of the building.

PART’s extensive experience includes more than 300 HVAC System cleaning projects. We can assist you with any type and size HVAC System cleaning need, including air handling unit or ductwork cleaning, coating, disinfection, reinsulation, maintenance and inspection. PART’s managers and technicians are also trained in restoring a system that has been contaminated by soot and smoke from a fire or bacteria and fungus from a flood. When a building is damaged by smoke, fire and water, the contamination of the ventilation system is often forgotten until the system is turned back on. Proper cleaning must be completed to prevent recontamination of the building.

PART is proud member of NADCA since 2001. NADCA certification is recognized around the world as the benchmark for trained and qualified professionals. Through NADCA certification, members demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency in conducting HVAC assessments, cleaning and restoration services.