Microbial Remediation

Microbial contamination includes an array of organisms such as mold, fungi and bacteria. Examples include everything from legionella bacterium that may cause Legionnaires’ Disease to Histoplasma capsulatum fungus found in pigeon, bird and bat droppings. HVAC Systems are one potential area where bacteria, mold and other contaminants can be found and spread throughout a building. Microbial remediation helps avoid adverse health implications, prevents spreading to unaffected areas and also reduces expenses from liability and legal exposure. PART will assist you in protecting property values and image and maximizing occupant comfort.

PART has the experience and qualifications to provide proper containment and cleaning of the affected area and removal and disposal of the microbial contaminants in a safe and efficient manner. Our professionals are trained to conduct remediation projects in compliance with regulations and industry standards. PART has been a leader in meeting our clients' mold remediation needs by completing hundreds of mold remediation projects in the commercial, educational, healthcare, industrial and property management fields.